Monday, 6 May 2019

Free Movie Credit Card - Free Movie Ticket Credit Card UAE

For cinephiles and regular cinema-goers, spending money on tickets can be a hefty expense.
But with the help of credit cards in UAE, you can earn points and avail offers for getting entry into movie theaters on discounted prices. You can also save money on snacks. Free Movie Ticket Credit Card UAE
Popular cinemas such as VOX cinemas, Novo cinemas give this option through credit cards offered by various banks such as:

ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card:

To get this credit card, you must have a minimum salary of AED 15k and an annual fee of AED 600 is charged. With this free movie credit card, whenever you purchase a movie ticket at VOX cinema, you can get an additional one absolutely free of cost.

FGB Platinum Card:

The cardholder must have at least an income of AED 8k. This card has an annual fee of AED 550. You can avail three free movie tickets in a month from certain cinemas.

NBAD Platinum Credit Card:

If you use this card, you can get 50% discount on online movie tickets at VOX cinemas.

NBAD One Pro Visa Signature Card:

The applicant should have a minimum monthly income of AED 10k and there is no annual fee. Clients can avail discounts from Cine Royal, OSCAR cinema, and REEL cinema on spending AED 2000 or more in a month.

Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Card:

For applying for this card you must have a monthly earning of at least AED 5k and it has an annual fee of AED 99. For AED 47.25 you can purchase two regular or premium 2D tickets at VOX cinemas and also avail a free upgrade on beverage and popcorn size.

HSBC Credit Card:

With HSBC credit card, you can buy a cinema ticket any day for any show and get another one absolutely free.

Citibank Credit Card:

If you are a Citibank credit card customer, you can avail buy one, get one free offer on movie tickets.
You must have a minimum salary of AED 15k and an annual fee of AED 600 to get free movie credit card & Free Movie Ticket Credit Card UAE. You can avail movie tickets in a month from certain cinemas.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Apply For Loan and Get Instant Loan Approval

If you find yourself in a financial crunch, there are many banking forums to borrow from in UAE. Life can deal unexpected hands and every time your savings might not be sufficient for a monetary crisis.
If you want to apply for loan in UAE, visit, enter in your financial history and details and their team will brief you about your best options.
Here is some useful information in this regard:

Personal Loan:

Personal loan is a sort of unsecured loan and involves no salary transfer. Many banks in UAE offer this funding option to help clients out during a financial problem. The terms are settled based on credit history and convenient repayment terms make the process easier for applicants repayment. The repayment is conducted through EMIs.  The loans are approved keeping in view the credit history of the applicant and their apparent ability to repay the amount.


A great thing about this sort of loan is that banks do not inquire about reasons for borrowing money so it is processed quickly and the client can have rapid access to funds for any sort of emergency.
The EMI amounts for this loan are relatively better than other loans, especially credit card loans and the applicants do not have to pay foreclosure charges.
There is no complicated documentation or processing involved.
To apply for loan, applicants do not have to seek prior permission from employer or go into any sort of hassle.

Some prominent banks that provide this option in UAE are:

  • First Gulf Bank: Minimum monthly income of applicant should be AED 10,000
  • Citi Bank: Minimum monthly salary should be AED 8,000
  • Emirates NBD: Ask for minimum monthly income of AED 3000
  • Dubai Islamic Bank: Individuals with monthly earning of at least AED 3,000 are eligible
  • Mashreq Bank: Salary should be at least AED 5,000
  • Finance House : People with minimum monthly income of AED 8,000 can apply for personal loan at this bank
  • Ajman Bank: Monthly earning of applicant should be at least AED 10,000
  • United Arab Bank: Hopeful applicant should have a monthly salary of at least AED 6,000
Visit for more guidance and valuable information!

Monday, 29 April 2019

Carrefour Credit Card - Apply for Carrefour Credit Card in UAE

Do away with cash and carry around credit card instead for convenience, comfort, and security.
Credit cards are not only easier to use but they come with a range of benefits and bonuses.
You can avail discounts and splendid offers as loyalty returns. Carrefour credit cards in UAE give great offers and savings.


You can make big savings and avail amazing monthly offers with these cards. They can be used everywhere and with discounts, you can save significant amount of money.

They come with a range of benefits such as:

  • Introductory cashback offers
  • Weekly cashback offers
  • Daily cashback offers
  • Shopping discounts and exclusive offers

Najm Platinum Credit Card:

  • The customer should have a minimum monthly income of AED 7,000
  • 5% cashback everywhere Visa is accepted for 60 days as sign up bonus
  • 10% cashback offer at Carrefour
  • Shopping discounts
  • Discounts at restaurants
  • Discounts at VOX Cinema
  • Monthly savings up to AED 200

Najm Platinum Plus card:

  • The applicant must have a monthly salary of minimum AED 7,000
  • The customer can avail 10% cashback as sign-up bonus at Carrefour
  • 5% introductory cashback for first three months anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Weekly 6% cashback offer on Tuesdays at Carrefour
  • Daily 3% cashback offer at Carrefour
  • 1.5% cashback anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Discounts on tickets and snacks at VOX cinema
  • Travel miles and shopping discounts
  • Monthly savings up to AED 500

Najm Voyager Credit Cards

This card is great for availing discounts on travel expenses. Earn attractive rewards and air-miles with minimum hassle. The customer should have a minimum monthly salary of at least AED 12,000. This card gets you access into airport lounges and amazing Voyager discounts.

Najm ONE Cash Back Credit Card:

The cash back value on this card increases as you spend more and with increasing number of transactions. You can avail 10% cash back anytime and at any place.

Najm Premium Corporate Card:

If you are a company owner this is a great option to issue to your employees for business related expenditure such as travel and other costs. It will significantly lower company costs and boost efficiency and eliminate any petty expenses.
Visit to pick out the  Carrefour credit card that best suits your financial needs

Sunday, 28 April 2019

FGB Loan – First Gulf Bank Dubai, UAE


FGB Loan ,It is among UAE’s biggest banks and it offers customized financial solutions, FGB offer personal loan with or without salary transfer. First Gulf Bank Dubai, UAE
Emergencies involving money can arrive unforeseen but now banks give many loan options. You can borrow money according to your personal needs for buying a new housecar, paying university funds or hospital bills.
Whether it’s a home to invest in, travel or marriage expenses, you can always turn to reliable banking services such as FGB loan for support and return the loan on convenient terms.
First Gulf Bank gives its customers a variety of financing options to choose from. It is among UAE’s biggest banks and it offers a plethora of customized financial solutions, products and services.

How does it work?

This loan is specifically oriented to assist clients in their borrowing requirements are designed especially to meet the borrowing requirements, whether you need money for a dream entrepreneurial venture or have to foot wedding bills for a child or family member. This service gives competitive loan amounts, with quick processing and great value keeping in mind your short and long term monetary needs.

Eligibility criteria:

There are certain criteria you must fulfill as an applicant on order to be eligible for this loan, which are:
  • The applicant must have a salary of at least AED 5000 for acquiring this loan
  • This financing option is based on salary transfer. Your salary should be deposited in First Gulf Bank. So, you will require prior permission from your employer or company.
  • The arrangement fee is 1%
  • Permission letter from company to get this salary transfer loan


  • The applicant can borrow amounts as high as 1000000 AED from First Gulf Bank
  • The loan can be returned within 48 months in easy installments
  • Rate calculated on reducing balance
  • Fast track approvals
Every individual has their own unique financial situation; visit and give us your financial details and we will guide you about the application process for FGB loan and if you are a suitable candidate or not.  Not everyone can afford to pay back according to the bank’s terms and conditions and instead of finding yourself in a fix later on it is better to get the complete information from us beforehand.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Credit Card Loan, Loan Leads & Credit Card Leads UAE

Credit cards are not only a flexible way to move around cash but you can also avail loans on them. Financial emergencies often come unannounced and you can borrow funds quickly if you have this option.
Whether you want to transfer a large sum, pay a hefty educational fee, or make a big purchase such as a new vehicle, you can turn to this banking feature.
The credit card bill is issued along with some interest; if you settle monthly interest according to schedule this gives a boost to your credit score and will help you down the road in securing a loan.

How does it work?

The advantage of credit card loan over personal loan is that there is no extensive documentation and processing fees involved so you can conveniently access required funds whenever you want to.
The credit limit of the customer is treated as instant cash loan by the bank. Most banks have repayment period up to two years (48 months).  The amount that you borrow will be blocked from your existing credit card limit. Repayment installments are made on monthly basis and appear in your next credit card statement after deducting the due amount.
Some banks that offer this loan are CitibankHSBC, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, etc.


  • Applicant can instantly borrow amount according up to available credit limit online or at bank branch
  • The amount can be repaid in easy installments in a duration up to 48 months
  • No application form needs to be filled as the bank already has your background information
  • No documents or long processing duration
However, keep in mind that the interest rates in credit card loan are higher than in personal loan. Apply for Loans, Credit Card Loan & Credit Card Leads in Dubai, UAE. We offer Skywards Credit CardLifetime Free Credit CardCarrefour Credit Card, Free Movie Ticket Credit Card, Islamic Credit CardTraveler Credit Card & Cinema Credit Card.

Eligibility criteria:

In order to be eligible for this funding option, the applicant must exhibit a reliable credit history. The candidate should ideally not have any pre-existing debt. Every bank has its own particular terms and conditions and interest rates so first of all visit and we will guide you on the best option for you based on your financial details. We will brief you about all the particulars so that you can make an informed decision.